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Visual Correspondence would like to thank the following people for donating phones, materials, time and advice.

Sean Deckert

Amanda Frazier

Hayley Brunetto

Margaret Hernandez

Sara King

Jacque Donaldson

James Holder

Danielle Deutsch

Logan Bellew

Nancy Sheldon Deegan

Cayla Potts

Brandon Graham

Jennifer Morgan

Jason Stabile

Ricky Davis

Josh Loeser

Ben Lang

Martha Knight

Kevin Salcido

Dave Brixen

Debbie Fox

Teresa Valencia

Pat Evans, SMoCA

Rudy Bellavia & the ASU BTS Department

Stewart Adams & ASU Police Department 

We would also like to send a special thank you to:

Betsy Schneider, our faculty advisor

Ryan Peter Miller, Gallery Director

Emily Stergar, Gallery RA

James Ingram, Gallery Tech

And to the panel that selected the Visual Correspondence proposal.

-Megan Chain, Adrian Lesoing, Tiffiney Yazzie


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